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We Started

In 2009, we noticed that the farmers of Bangladesh do not use quality potato seeds for their crop production. This resulted in farmers facing huge losses in their potato production as well as experiencing a declining quality of their potato seeds. KBL took measures to solve this problem. We established our own lab in Dhaka at 2009 and began our journey.

North Bengal

In 2012, we began our field production in the North Bengal region through plantlets of potato. We involved many farmers in our contract farming process and they were trained about the quality of seeds. We were eventually successful in the production of best quality seeds and farmers were immensely pleased to be involved with Kisan Botanix Ltd. From 2012 to 2014, we were involved with the supply of our high quality seeds of Breeder, foundation and certified to the farmers of Rangpur, Dinajpur, Rajshahi, Bogura and Munshiganj.

South Bengal

In 2015, we expanded to the South Bengal region of Bangladesh like Bhola, Potuakhali and Borguna. In these areas, farmers were not interested to produce potatoes due to the salinity of soil. However, we trained the farmers to be able to produce potatoes in that environment. Through this, we were able to supply quality seeds to our farmers and they were successful in the potato production. Undoubtedly, South Bengal will become a region of mass potato production eventually.

This Era

This year, it came to our notice that the farmers of Bangladesh are not getting a good price for the potatoes they produce and they are losing economically. That is when, we reached out to many international companies of Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar and Middle East. Thereon, we began the export of our potatoes from Bangladesh and we are making it possible for farmers to get a good price for their production. We also initiated our Gerbera flower business to enable some diversification in our farmer's work. From 2018 onwards, we began the import of KBL own variety named Bellini from Netherland to supply quality seeds.

How We Do It


Tests are performed here to make the plantlets disease free

Field Production

After passing through the laboratory stage, the production begins in field


Finally, we export our potatoes both locally and internationally

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